Jun 20

Voters head to polls for batman byelection to replace David Cameron as PM

Voters head to polls for batman byelection to replace David Cameron as PM

He made the comments shortly after Theresa May called to congratulate Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on a landslide victory in the party’s general election victory earlier in the day.

In a speech to his supporters, May said: ‘You are the power of your convictions. The people will vote on April 23 for a new leader, and with their vote I say let’s find a government that is united, that gives them the power to restore Britain’s voice and to renew the promise of Britain to the world.’

In an interview in the Daily Telegraph he added: ‘As I have said before I want the Government to be governed by ordin더킹카지노ary people.

‘In바카라 government Britain, not politicians. I want a government governed by ordinary people, by Labour and Conservatives, by all those who believe in their country’s values and want to be a part of it.

‘I would love to be the next prime minister of a great country that is so proud of its traditions, the great things it can do, and of its promise to give everyday people that voice again in British politics.’

He said ‘everybody’ wants a Labour government, adding that ‘everybody’ wants a Labour government with a clear, clear vision.

Asked about the Tories’ defeat he said: ‘It’s an absolute pleasure to see this win f더킹카지노or this party and for the people of this country.

‘I think it’s been so clear, and so true. Our economy’s getting stronger, we’re living longer, growing again.

‘We do want to give everyone a say in our government, but also in the way we govern.

‘That’s why we campaigned for a vote on getting us over a cliff edge and getting us through Brexit and the transition we need to go through to get us out of this mess, and to get a new beginning for Britain in this uncertain world.

‘We know that everyone in Britain, no matter how old, or what’s your situation or where you live, wants a choice, not just a list of policies to take.

‘There’s so much of the past in the past, and so much of the present, which is unconnected and which we must overcome in order for us to come back to make a truly great Britain.’

He added: ‘For us to be strong it means being very cautious about the future.

‘As the party and as this country we are determined to take our country forwar

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