May 07

Cover iphone 5s gadget four creates McDonald-Battery cover Samsung I9060i Galaxy Grand Neo Plus – gold (original)-cnxhek

Maizie Lewis fourth birthday wish was to go through the McDonald drive thru cover iphone 6s red and order a six piece chicken nugget Happy Meal with her family.

The adorable preschooler is living in New Zealand under strict Level 4 lockdowns because of coronavirus, so she isn allowed to visit her local fast food franchise.

So in a bid to impress his four year old daughter Nathan Lewis spent seven hours reconstructing a drive thru with TV cover iphone 4s custodia tablet tab a samsung rugged screens custodia telecomando samsung serie 7 in their own backyard, so his youngest child could experience the excitement samsung a50 custodia stelle of ordering a meal.

The video, which father cover iphone 5 scheletro of four Nathan custodia samsung flip uploaded to their family Facebook account Lewis Bunch cover iphone 6 astuccio in Lockdown, was filmed the moment Maizie woke up, donned her Disney Frozen dress, and hopped into the car ready for the

It shows Maizie, her mother and some of her siblings in their car slowly moving down their driveway, iphone 5 cover personalizzata going past a printed sign that read drive thru

The car pauses at the first TV screen which asks Maizie for her order. She confidently asks iphone 8 plus cover in nepal for chicken nuggets, chips and a strawberry milkshake.

Her father voice echoes through custodia x samsung galaxy a5 the speaker, asking the family to continue driving through to the next screen where they can pay.

As they do so, Nathan directs them to iphone 4s cover online park in the park and wait for Maizie meal to be delivered by hand. One of the famous McDonald characters, Ronald McDonald, can cover per iphone 6 con foto be seen in the distance.

He hands her the meal dressed in the fast food chain uniform and shows her that the box has a Frozen theme to it, something that makes her visibly excited.

Maizie begins to eat some of her chips and nuggets, clearly shocked that her birthday wish came true, as the video ends.

It has received more than 3,000 views since being uploaded yesterday, case cover for iphone 6 amazon with many which cover for iphone 6s of the comments praising the Lewis family for their creative present.

You can see more of the family adventures by following them on Facebook here.

Source: Daily Mail New Zealand

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