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CBS Local Ryan Mayer spoke to Entertainment Tonight Nancy O to

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cheap jordans shoes Monday’s night cheap jordan shoes for sale free shipping broadcast marked the 70th occurrence of the awards and featured plenty of big surprises and fun moments for everyone in attendance and tuning in at home.]]>The 2018 Emmy Awards took place last night from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, CA. Monday night broadcast marked the 70th occurrence of the awards and featured plenty of big surprises and fun moments for everyone in attendance and tuning in at home.CBS Local Ryan Mayer spoke to Entertainment Tonight Nancy O to get her thoughts on the night that was.RM Good morning Nancy, how are get jordans online cheap you?NO Good morning Ryan! How it going?RM Doing pretty well! So the Emmys were last night of course and first off I wanted to get your thoughts on what you felt the biggest surprise of the night was?NO I think there were so many different surprises! People know some cheap jordan 10 of the shows that were going to do well like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but I don think they realized how many awards they would walk away with, so I cheap jordans 5 think that was a bit of a surprise. cheap jordans shoes

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